Mission Statement

In many ways the “I’m with Phil” story is about much more than a single incident involving a town and a group of people who share the same name. There is a universality to the idea of the town in the immediate aftermath of the tornado, of strangers helping others in the moments that follow. In times of need, people help people, it's as simple as that. 

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Rebirth: Hope From a Dead Tree

One of the most remarkable and inspiring stories about the rebirth of Phil Campbell, Alabama doesn't directly involve a Phil Campbell resident or one of the Phil Campbells; it involves a master furniture designer and Alabamian named Robin Wade.

Wade attended the 2011 Phil Campbell Hoedown because he had heard about the “I'm with Phil” relief effort. What he saw at the Hoedown astonished him. Instead of seeing depressed residents, numbed and paralyzed by the tragedy of the tornado, he saw friendly faces everywhere, celebrating their town's 100th anniversary, despite their terribly harsh setbacks.

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