What it Means to Me -- Andrew Reed

“It looks like a bomb went off!” the local news reporter exclaimed. 

My family and I had spent the entire day hunkered down in my aunt’s basement in Russellville, Alabama.  Even though my family's home was 12 miles away in the town of Phil Campbell, we always tried to take shelter from extremely severe weather outbreaks in my aunt's basement as it offered the best protection from a tornado.  Before the power went off we knew that our whole county was under a tornado warning, but it wasn’t until the electricity was restored that we were able to turn on the news, and hear those dreadful words spoken by the reporter.

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What It Means to Me -- Brooklyn Phil

Facebook thinks I was born and raised in northwest Alabama.

It’s a funny mistake, based, I assume, on the statistics the company applies to most people. The friends of the average person probably hail from the same area where that person lives, with perhaps some groups of friends still living cities and towns where the person used to live and perhaps some old school chums from back in the day. Throw in a few scattered professional contacts around the country or world, and that’s most people’s contacts on social media.

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