Chattanooga, Tennessee Phil

Name: Philip David Campbell

Residence: Chattanooga, TN

Age: 51

Profession: Transit bus driver, author wannabe, imaginary rock star

Are there any websites, twitter IDs, or other social media information you want us to mention on this page? This is a link to my first attempt at assembling a book. My sales are in the double digits!!

Favorite hobbies or pastimes? Why do you enjoy them? Bicycling – it gives me some exercise while being something that I enjoy. The choice of the serenity and solitude of a solo ride and the fun of riding with friends and the challenges of getting better and faster keep me riding, too. Music – both listening (and learning more about the music/musicians) and making horribly amateur home recordings (if you ask nicely, I’ll give you links to a couple of YouTube videos). Helping friends – I owe 100% of what successes I have to a whole lot of people that have given me a hand over the years.

When did you first hear about the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama? I first learned about Phil Campbell, AL when my dad brought home a book of nationwide zip codes from work. I read anything out in front of me, so began reading it. I found out there was a town in the state right next door with MY name! At the age of about 6, I vowed to someday visit it. When Brooklyn Phil sent me an announcement for the first Phil Campbell get together [in 1995], I was reminded of that promise to myself and disappointed I couldn’t come.

Were you able to attend the Phil Campbell Hoedown of June 2011? Yes, I was excited when we Phils began connecting about this idea over Facebook and scheduled my vacation to enable me to attend.

If you did go to the hoedown, what did you think of the experience? It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The transition from being just a gathering for fun into an effort to help “our” town recover from a devastating tragedy was magical to watch and be a part of. When I got there, I was overwhelmed by the attitude of the Phils that were there and by the hospitality and gratitude that the people of Phil Campbell showed us. The Hoedown of 2001 is in my Top 5 list of most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve made new friends from all over the world who share my name and I’ve made other new friends in Phil Campbell who are some of the most fantastic people I’ve met. I hope to keep those friendships alive for the rest of my life. And on top of that, I now have another home town.

You are a Phil Campbell. What do you think of that name? Before 2011, I liked the name – it’s mine, after all. Since then, I’m convinced I have one of the best names in the world!!

Tell us a little about yourself, as many words as you would like. I could spend hours writing a bio, but I’ll just say this – I’m a normal guy with a whole lot of faults and shortcomings who depends on the help of family, friends and strong spirituality to get me along the path of life and enjoy the journey.

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