The Recovery Effort

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After the tornado hit, the town of Phil Campbell received an outpouring of support from people all across the United States, including the 20 Phil Campbells that traveled from around the world to help out.  Although some houses have been rebuilt, there is still a great need for help.  The town's recovery efforts are off to a good start, but there are a lot of projects that are still underway or have yet to begin.

Even with the town’s resiliency and support from other individuals and organizations, Phil Campbell faces significant financial obstacles in its disaster recovery. The tornado increased the weakness of the local economy, which has suffered a decline for years as local factories closed or relocated. Those closures continue to impact individuals, families, local businesses and the municipality as a whole.  Below is a video focusing on the one year anniversary of the storm:

The Phil Campbell Recovery Committee was organized with the help of FEMA and the state of Alabama to create an extensive plan to rebuild and strengthen the community.  The high school is currently being reconstructed, but enough funds were not available to to build it with all the amenities that were desired.  Over 300 residents lost their homes in the storm and chose to move away to other towns instead of rebuilding, so projects are underway to create new public housing.  Other plans are in development to create a farmer's market, a youth center, and bring new businesses to the downtown area, but funding will be crucial.