Honorary Phil Campbell: Deb Ryan

After the tornadoes of April 27th, many folks stepped up to do whatever they could to help.  Deb Ryan, a resident of the town of Phil Campbell, saw a unique way she could help, and thanks to her efforts a formerly displaced family now has a home.

After becoming excited about the prospect of the Phil Campbells coming to her town, Deb joined a special Facebook group that was created to help the Phils communicate directly with the town residents.  The Phils had been putting a lot of thought into how they might help the town of Phil Campbell, and it was decided they would work with Habitat for Humanity to raise money to build a house for a family that lost theirs in the storm.  However, one major obstacle stood in the way: money.  The Phils needed a significant amount of money to purchase the necessary materials to build the house.  With so much to do, the Phils began seeking out volunteers to cold call Alabama companies, share the I'm with Phil story, and ask for a donation to build the house.

Even though Deb had recently changed her career to become an artist, she knew her background in sales made her an ideal candidate for this volunteer position.  Deb volunteered to take the lead in making the cold calls, and she was single-handedly able to pull in significant donations from several Alabama companies: KBR, Surgical Care Affiliates, and Vulcan.  Using the money, volunteers from around the country later came together in Phil Campbell to build a home for the McCulloch family.  Thanks to Deb's hard work, the family's road to recovery has been much easier, and for that we are very all thankful.

Deb continues to remain active in the Phil Campbell community; recently she finished a painting of former Mayor Jerry Mays, and it was installed in city hall alongside all the other paintings of past Mayors.

Deb Ryan is truly an accomplished artist, and she even runs her own art gallery in the town of Phil Campbell.  To learn more about the Lake Muse Gallery and see additional examples of Deb's work visit the gallery website at http://www.lakemuse.com/  If you are ever in town she would love for you to stop by!