Browns Mills, New Jersey Phil

Full Name:  Philip Donald Campbell

Residence: Browns Mills, NJ

Age: 27

Profession:  Technical Sergeant, United States Air Force – C-17 Avionics Production Supervisor

Are there any websites, twitter IDs, or other social media information you want us to mention on this page?

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes? Why do you enjoy them? Aviation – Commercial Pilot, cycling, jogging, racquetball

When did you first hear about the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama? While I was in 4th grade (’94-’95), I remember my teacher mentioning that there was a Phil Campbell Convention where a bunch of Phil Campbells had gathered.  I didn’t hear anything more about it then, but it always stuck in my head because it was an odd thing to hear. Later on, in 2008 while I was serving in Korea, we had a slow day at work and we started Googling our names.  I saw the place known as Phil Campbell, AL, read up on it and made the connection.

You are a Phil Campbell. What do you think of that name? I’ve never really given my name any thought.  Makes it a little more interesting now that I know of this town and wonderful group of people that share the same name.  

Tell us a little about yourself, as many words as you would like.  My name is Philip Donald Campbell, and I am originally from a town in Northern Connecticut known as Enfield.  About ten years ago after high school, I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force and I have been serving as an avionics technician ever since.  While serving active duty, I have completed my bachelor degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and obtained my Commercial Pilot Certificate as well.  I’m currently stationed at McGuire AFB, New Jersey, and spend a good amount of time flying around and enjoying the sights of New York City and the surrounding areas.  I love the life that the military has provided me, and everything I have been able to experience along with it. Along with serving in Iraq, the military has brought me to many fascinating places around the world, and I am always looking forward to the next adventure.  I was recently accepted into Air Force Officer Training School to become a military pilot, so I will be attending my first part of training near Montgomery, Alabama, and I’m hoping that I can be afforded the time to visit the town of Phil Campbell.

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