Honorary Phil Campbell: Jason Biggs

We are grateful to Jason Biggs of American Pie fame for his continued support of “I’m with Phil.” At the time of the tornado Jason was in the middle of filming for Hollywood director Stephen Gyllenhaal an independent film called Grassroots, a movie about our very own “Brooklyn” Phil Campbell.

Jason plays Brooklyn Phil - based on Gyllenhaal’s adaptation of Phil’s first book.

In any case, when it was time to organize the Phil Campbells around the world to help build media attention for the plight of Phil Campbell, Alabama, Jason pitched in with a video expressing his own support of the town. It may feel like a small thing to do, but in this celebrity-hungry world Jason’s support helped fuel the international media storm that allowed the Phils to raise thousands of dollars for the town.


When we finally release I’m with Phil and you can watch our movie in full, be on the lookout for cameos from this Hollywood mover and shaker. And remember: People helping people. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, it’s what we do.

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