Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phil

Name: Phillip Allan Campbell

Residence: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Age: 54

Profession: Property Manager

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes? Why do you enjoy them? I enjoy swimming, boating, water skiing, and photography. I restore and ride vintage Cushman motor scooters. I collect antiques, old signs, car tags, garage cave-man items and enjoy going to garage sales and antique shops.

When did you first hear about the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama? I was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and have always heard of Phil Campbell, Alabama. My parents took me through there when I was very young. On several trips to North Alabama, we would always go by there. Phil Campbell is only about 88 miles north of Tuscaloosa.

Were you able to attend the Phil Campbell Hoedown of June 2011? Yes.

If you did go to the hoedown, what did you think of the experience? I enjoyed going to the hoedown and the 100-year celebration in 2011. It was really nice to meet all of the other Phils there in attendance. It felt great to be able to come together for a good cause by helping clean up the swimming pool area and participate in the local town events for the weekend. It was a great honor to be highlighted in the parade and to be recognized on stage.

You are a Phil Campbell. What do you think of that name? I like it. My name is Phillip Allan Campbell. When my mother named me, she didn’t know about the town. “Allan” is an important name for the town, too, because there was a man named Mr. Allen was a prominent local businessman who told [an English railroad engineer named Phillip] Campbell that if he would construct a railroad depot and add a side track to the stretch of railroad going through the area, he would name the subsequent town after Campbell.

Tell us a little about yourself, as many words as you would like. My dad was a Cushman motor scooter dealer at a very early age (21) and paid his way through college with this business. My family has been involved with cycles and I started riding at the age of six years old. I was also in the Boy Scouts and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. It taught me a lot about myself and got me started on many hobbies like camping, boating, photography, coin collecting, etc.

Our family construction and other businesses have been sold and we lease out some property. My parents and I have traveled by motor home all around the U.S. for the past 25 or more years. My dad and I have both served on the board of directors for the Cushmen Club of America for over 15 years.

I have a unique collection of antiques, country store items, vintage toys, guns, motorcycles, scooters, old tools, etc. I also like to go to flea markets, antique shops, and garage sales.

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