La Farge, Wisconsin Phil

Name: Phil Owen Campbell

Residence: La Farge, Wisconsin

Age: 58

Profession: Transportation supervisor, bus driver, and owner of Phil & Deb's Town Tap

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes? Why do you enjoy them? I like going for a drive or traveling to see places I haven't seen.

When did you first hear about the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama? I was at the first Phil Campbell Convention in 1995! I heard about the town when Phil Campbell of Brooklyn wrote me a letter. 

 Were you able to attend the Phil Campbell Hoedown of June 2011? Yes, it was unbelievable. 

If you did go to the hoedown, what did you think of the experience? It was the most rewarding experience of my life!!! Thank you Phil Campbells and the people of Phil Campbell, Alabama. 

You are a Phil Campbell. What do you think of that name? I have just been Phil Campbell all these years, and then find all these Phils and a town named Phil Campbell amazing!!! I feel very fortunate to be named Phil Campbell. 

Tell us a little about yourself, as many words as you would like. I have been very blessed to have loved and married two wonderful ladies 18 &14 years [La Farge is twice widowed] and now to experience all the love and support from all the great people of Phil Campbell Alabama and all the great Phils worldwide. 

I feel very blessed to be “Big Phil” from Wisconsin. 


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