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I'm with Phil is now available to watch for free on Amazon Prime at and you can rent or buy on iTunes:  Finally, you can buy the film on DVD directly from us.

This is a story of tragedy, hope, and the little things in life that bring us together in times of crisis. This is a story about people helping people. This is a story about community and about what makes us human.

The first actor: A small, remote, dry town in Alabama called, of all things, Phil Campbell. In early 2011 Phil Campbell was looking forward to the celebration of its 100th anniversary through the Phil Campbell Hoedown.

The second actor: Phil Campbell of Brooklyn, New York. A writer looking to have a little fun and maybe get a little media attention, Phil starts contacting other Phil Campbells.

Phil Campbell’s idea: What if he organized the International Phil Campbell Convention in Phil Campbell, Alabama, for the 100th anniversary of Phil Campbell? How great would that be?

Brooklyn Phil Campbell finds many, many Phil Campbells: There are Felipe, Phyllis, Philomena, Philippa, Philippe, Philip, Phillip -- well, you get the idea – Campbells. The Phil Campbells hail from Juneau, Alaska to Adelaide, Australia, and back to Kingston, Jamaica. They represent every political stripe, every hobby, numerous religions, practically every English accent (plus a few more, like German and French-Canadian and Latino Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese). And, as an honorary Phil Campbell, there is Hollywood actor Jason Biggs, who plays the role of a Phil Campbell in the independent 2010 film Grassroots.

So many Phil Campbells! Brooklyn Phil Campbell gets really excited. The town of Phil Campbell sees the media attention the stunt is getting, and starts preparing for the hoedown and for the arrival of the Phil Campbells.

But then a tornado strikes the town. A terrible, unimaginably horrible tornado, killing 27 people. It looked like an army had gone through with tanks and rockets. And the people who died -- in a town of barely 1,000, everybody knew the victims. Nobody in the area has ever seen anything like it.

No one is exactly sure what to do next, least of all Brooklyn Phil.

Then another Phil Campbell (the Phil Campbell of Nottingham, UK, we think) has another idea: What if all the Phil Campbells worked together to help Phil Campbell? The phrase "I'm with Phil" suddenly was no longer a joke, it was a very serious thing.

This is a story about all that, and about what happens next.

This is also an ongoing story. The majority of profits from this project will be used to help the town of Phil Campbell continue its rebuilding efforts.

I'm with Phil. Are you?


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